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Capt Roberto Marolla – Chevron

december 23 2014

The courtesy, competence and discipline make this center the best in Italy.

Capt. Alberto Girolami – Marine Pilot – Mildford Haven (Wales-UK)

december 23 2014

Excellent competence of teachers, professionalism and superb structure.

Capt. Giovanni Faldetta – Teekay

december 23 2014

The seriousness with which you carry out your work made a pleasure for us to learn. Thank You All!

Capt. Mauro Samaritani – Head of Mooringmen Group – Ravenna (ITA)

december 23 2014

A very well presented training course, and a great training facility. Excellent methods and impressive competences. Thank You!

Capt. Nicola di Carlo – Crew Manager – Montanari di Navigazione(ITA)

december 23 2014

Has been a real pleasure. Competences and Loyalty, truly hard to find in this work environment; our reference training center.

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