Installed on a surface of 140 square meters, the Navigation and Maneuvering Simulator has six independent simulated work stations, which satisfy mathematical parameters enabling the students to have the feeling of finding themselves on a ship’s bridge and interacting with the most modern instruments of navigation and control, with the “trackball” within a click and a few inches from the screen.


Used for RADAR, RADAR – ARPA, BTM, ARPA SAR, BTM and Ship Handling, ECDIS – Generic courses, the simulator reproduces a virtual reality aboard 12 different types of ships (all with different mathematical parameters, structural characteristics and specific dynamics that influence the characteristics of navigation, the phase of entrance/exit into and from the harbour, or mooring phase).

ECDIS Type Specific Simulator (ECDIS simulator – Type Specific)

Thesi’s real jewel in the crown is the ECDIS FURUNO Simulator, which simulates the integrated electronic chart ECDIS.


It is the only certified one available in Italy and one of the six already active centers in the European scene, together with Greece, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine and Denmark.


Type Specific FEA and FMD Courses are carried out on a weekly basis, under the guidance of certified instructors, who are authorized by manufacturers of worldwide importance; the simulator (with six independent workstations) provides the necessary tools to achieve a specialized course, meeting the highest and most relevant international educational standards.

Liquid Cargo simulator

The Liquid Cargo simulator, which is installed in the dedicated simulation area, is equipped with a console that reproduces all the control panels, available on board, necessary for handling hazardous liquid cargo such as: gas, methane, oil and oil products, chemical liquids, special loads. It also has six independent workstations (controlled by the main console), useful for classes exceeding two units, up to 12.


Thanks to the Liquid Cargo Simulator it is possible to receive an appropriate and specialistic training for those who will work on board oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers.

Engine Room Simulator

The Engine Room Simulator recreates the procedures and working environment of the main propulsion plants on board, of the power generators and of all the auxiliary systems on board controlled from the control room. It is an exceptional instrument for the training of officers, petty officers and COMUNI DI MACCHINA conforming with the current internationally recognized standards.


A main console can operate autonomously and in sync with all the instruments existing in a control room on board. Five further independent workstations allow other ten students to train for the realistic situations of an Engine Control Room.


Thesi is always to the forefront of all the latest technological instruments available for maritime training.

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