THESI location


The headquarter, in Mola di Bari, provides our guests with the opportunity of living a complete training experience, without having to forget the comforts of everyday life. 


The guests can dispose of:

– “canteen/refreshment area
– free Wi-Fi
– shuttles to and from accommodation facilities and the Thesi training center
– helpful and efficient secretarial service


The headquarter is easy to reach and has a central position, within walking distance from the train station.


Thesi training center uses the most innovative simulation instruments in the maritime field. It is proud of the presence, in its classrooms, of instruments useful for the activities of training and specialization unique in the national scene.


The guest quarters are located in the heart of Mola di Bari, with the balconies overlooking the main square and a few meters away from the sea; it represents the perfect accommodation for Officers, Masters, Cadets and all the participants taking part in the maritime courses at Thesi.


The B&B is made up of four independent rooms – three single rooms and one double one – provided with all comforts. The guest quarters meet the needs of those who are busy with their training and wish to spend some time relaxing.


Services offered:
– independent rooms with bathrooms and LED TV with digital cable;
– housekeeping;
– breakfast at the café the B&B has an arrangement with;
– free Wi-Fi;
– daily and guaranteed transportation to and from the Thesi Centre.

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