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Technical English – Level 1

A course of Technical Maritime English with technical terms, Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP), useful advice for clear and effective communication for those who are not familiar with the most used working language in the world! Interactive audio-visual presentations that will make your English language learning easier and more intuitive. Eighteen modules, as many quizzes that will help the participant to evaluate his learning and a final test: the most useful and effective Technical English course for Italian seafarers.

Topics Covered

    • Basic Concepts
    • International Code of Signals
    • Communications – VHF
    • Basic Grammar
    • Basic Communication Functions
    • Mooring Lines and Fittings
    • Separations and Spaces
    • Ship’s Particulars, New10010145
    • Ship’s direction
    • Ship’s Types
    • Diesel Engine
    • Boarding Arrangements for Pilot
    • Wheel Orders, New
    • Engine Room Orders
    • Emergencies
    • Weather, New10
    • Acronyms, New1001

At the end of each module, tests, quizzes and questions useful to evaluate your learning in addition to a final test useful to summarize all the topics covered and a series of phrases to be translated into Italian from English and vice versa.


[cml_media_alt id='22472']sicurezza_080115[/cml_media_alt]English Maritime Technician – Level 2

After taking the Level 1 Maritime Technical English Course, do you think you are ready to tackle broader, technical and why not, appropriate to your working life on board? With the Maritime Technical English course – Level 2 you will perform an INTERO COURSE BASIC TRAINING in addition to the COURSE OF SHIP SECURITY DUTIES in English, with subtitles in Italian and as always with quizzes, tests, completion exercises useful to assess your level of learning!

Topics Covered

    • Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
    • First Aid/CPR
    • Personal Survival Techniques
    • Personal Safety and Social Responsabilities
    • Security, New10


Translation exercise

[cml_media_alt id='24551']English[/cml_media_alt]The preparation for the exams involves the ability to understand but above all translate from Italian to English and vice versa. With this module, the candidate will be able to practice the translation of 240 sentences from English to Italian and from Italian to English, with phrases, terms and concepts extracted from official regulations and texts.


GMDSS Handbook

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You have already completed the GMDSS course but some things are not clear? Do you need a simple and intuitive manual but at the same time complete and updated to prepare for the GMDSS – Amerc UK course? Do you want to embellish your very personal collection of technical books and you are missing something that refers to the history and evolution of the GMDSS system? Download the GMDSS Thesi Handbook, discover the world of emergency radio-satellite communications and/or get ready to take the course on-site with our certified and AMERC-recognized instructors!


Marine Operations

More than a course, a set of courses to improve your knowledge and skills, entirely in English and equipped with exercises and learning tests.

These are the macro-arguments covered:

    • Anchoring, New1000
    • Enclosed Space Entry
    • Inspector Training
    • OWS & ODME
    • PV Valves


Security, New10

Maritime security is now a mandatory requirement for both ground personnel and seafarers internationally.

Get more information and stay up to date on the topics covered in our Maritime Security courses!


STCW Skills

Do you want to take advantage of a course that covers COLREG topics, with exercises and tests to increase your skills? Our STCW COURSE is for you!

Videos, lessons, graphics and useful tips to enrich your skills and implement them, with the simplest and most immediate of ways: comfortably with your phone or mobile device in hand!



Do you want to increase your knowledge of hydrogen sulphide H2S? You can do it by learning more about Properties & Features, Measurement & Effects, Dispersion, Detection & Control and much more!

You can do it all with the simplest and most immediate way: comfortably with your phone or mobile device in hand!

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